Voice and Accent training creates a noticeable and prominent difference in the clarity of the communication of a person. It Polishes the linguistic skills of a person by giving confidence to one’s voice resulting in Better opportunities For Career Advancement.

Voice & Accent/Domestic Call Centre Training

(VA/D-11), Duration:1Month(1hr/Session)

  • Voice Modulation
  • Pitch & Tone Training

  • MTI removal (sh, s, zh, z)
  • Vowel & Consonant sounds
  • Phenomena of phonetics

Call Centre
  • Introduction to call centres
  • Culture in call centers
  • Terminology
  • Accent Neutralization (Global Accent)
  • Plosives & Sounds(nasal & throat)
  • Difference in US & UK English
  • Time Zones
  • Geographical boundaries
  • American Slangs

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