Pleasing Personality influence everyone .Without Impressing others you can’t get Success in Today’s competitive world. Personality Development helps a person to get positive thought pattern,gain confidence, improve behaviour and learn better communiation.


Interview is one of the most important step in the employee selection procedure.Good Interview Skills give Confidence and Leave a Lasting impression on the Employer henceforth the Chances to succeed in an Interview Increase.

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Inner Personality Development
  • Role of motivation & body language
  • Filling the GAP
  • G-Grooming A-Attitude P-Personality
Personality Development & Interview Skills & Advanced GD

Duration-20 days(2 hrs/session)

Interview Techniques
  • Preliminaries of an Interview
  • Writing CV or Resume’
  • Mock Sessions
  • Effective Self Introduction
  • Reasons of Rejection

Group Discussion
  • Overcome hindrances ( Lack of Confidence/Hesitation)
  • Difference between hearing & listening
  • Body Language
  • Voice Mapping
  • Conducts during GD

Weekend Specials

Duration:32 Sessions( 2 hrs/Session)

  • Improve your Grammar
  • Pronunciation Exercises
  • Communication Skills
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening Skills


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