IELTS is accepted by over 8000 organizations across the globe and these organizations include universities, government bodies, Multinational companies etc. For study, migration and work purpose, IELTS (International English Language testing system) is the globally recognized English language test. Owned by the IDP IELTS Australia, British Council and Cambridge English language assessment mutually, this test can be taken in 130 countries across 900 diverse locations/test centers.

Why take the Test?

For academic as well as migration aspirants, getting a valid IELTS score is a must as it is part of the minimum eligibility criterion. In fact, in several MNCs, government agencies, candidates with valid score in IELTS are given preference.

Anatomy of the IELTS

There are two versions of this test

  1. Academic
  2. General Training

Academic version is suitable for those who aspire to undertake tertiary level studies in English speaking countries. While General training is suitable for those who wish to migrate, undertake a work opportunity or internship/training program or study secondary school in the English speaking country.

The test is divided in 4 parts (total time is 165 minutes):

  1. Listening (30 minutes)
  2. Reading (60 minutes)
  3. Writing (60 minutes)
  4. Speaking (11-14 minutes)

The first three modules are covered in one day but the fourth module, speaking test if usually taken before or after (7 days) the first three module test.

Among Top Ielts institutes in Delhi

We are one of the top IELTS institutes of the capital and pride ourselves for providing high quality training to our students. Our trainers hold years of experience and academic exposure. Why our ielts training program is famous among students is because we provide practical information and guidance that helps in not just scoring good in the exam but also honing English for real life situations.

Our training program

In our training program of one month and two month duration, we make our students undertake rigorous practice. Through mock tests and students interactive sessions, we prepare our students not just for the reading and writing modules but also for the speaking and listening modules. Our syllabus for ielts is updated with the official study material made available by the test conducting authorities. We provide training for both Academic and General training versions of the test.

IELTS Coaching in Delhi

With a valid score, one can easily apply for migration applications, higher academic research and degree (in English speaking countries) or simply seek to optimize the career potential. This competitive English Exam indeed adds value to one’s professional profile through which you can benefit in your career.


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