Hotel Management

A hotel manager or hotelier is a person who holds a management position within a hotel,motel, or resort establishment. Management titles and duties vary by company. In some hotels the title hotel manager or hotelier may solely be referred to the General Manager of the hotel. Small hotels usually have a small management team consisting of three or fewer managers while larger hotels may have a large management team consisting of managers of various departments and divisions.

The size and magnitude of a hotel management structure varies significantly depending on the size and function of the hotel. A small hotel normally consists of a small core management team consisting of the General Manager and a few key department managers who directly handle day-to-day operations. On the contrary, a large full service hotel often operates more like a large corporation with an executive board headed by the General Manager and consisting of key directors serving as heads of individual hotel departments. Each department normally consists of subordinate line-level managers and supervisors who handle day to day operations.

Large/Full service hotel

A typical organizational chart for a large resort hotel operation:
General Manager reports to Regional Vice President and/or Owner/Investor

  • General Manager
    • Assistant GM or Director of Operations
    • Director of Front Office
      • Front Desk Manager
        • Front Desk Supervisor
        • Rooms Coordinator
      • Night Auditor
      • PBX Supervisor
      • Guest Services Manager
        • Concierge Supervisor
        • Bell Captain
        • Valet Captain
    • Executive Housekeeper
      • Housekeeping Manager
        • Floor Supervisor
        • Laundry Supervisor
        • Public Area/Custodial Supervisor
    • Director of Sales & Marketing
      • Senior Sales Manager
        • Sales Manager
      • Senior Marketing Manager
        • Marketing Manager
        • Public Relations Manager
      • Revenue Manager
        • Reservations Supervisor
    • Director of Food & Beverage
      • Restaurant Manager
        • Restaurant Supervisor
      • Executive Chef
      • Room Service Manager
        • Room Service Captain
      • Bar Manager
    • Director of Events and Catering
      • Convention Services Manager
      • Event Manager
      • Catering Manager
        • Banquets Captain
    • Director of Finance
      • Finance Manager
    • Chief Engineer
      • Engineering Manager
    • Director of Human Resources
      • Human Resources Manager
      • Recruiting Manager
    • Director of Security
      • Shift Supervisor
    • Information Technology Manager

Small/Limited service hotel

A typical organizational chart for a small hotel operation:
General Manager reports to Regional Director and/or Owner/Investor

    • General Manager
      • Front Office Manager
      • Housekeeping Manager
      • Sales Manager
      • Food & Beverage Manager

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