Q1. How do you Counsel & provide the course.
A1. A test is given to a student & on the basis of their results the Course is assigned to them.

Q2. What are your study options?
A2. Our study options are

  • One to One Interactions
  • Drill Exercises
  • Language Clubs
  • All Skills practice sessions

Q3. USP of Cambridge Institute of Professional Studies.
A3. We make our students to speak from day one and make our learning methodology more interesting & effective. Our classes consist of small number of students and our new batch starts every Monday.

Q4. Do you provide placements?
A4. We provide 100% assistance in placements.

Q5.Do you cover Grammar & Vocabulary? Do you teach Accent?
A5. Yes, we cover all Grammar portion( levels wise).Vocabulary is taught through dictionary & reading method. We help them to use the language & express themselves in a real life situations. We make the student to use the neutralized accent & speak in an effective & a fluent manner. We make them confident in speaking the language.

Q6. What is the duration of the Course? Is there any short term course?
A6. All the Courses have different durations as per their levels. We are opened 6 days from 7am-8pm. We also have one on one basis as per the needs of the student. The duration of courses are from 1 month to 1 year.

Q7.Is the student required to do all the levels?
A7. No,the student is not required to do all the levels. They can upgrade themselves after every level.

Q8.What is the benefit of learning English?
A8. English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and has acquired the status of being the language of International Communication.

Q9.What is so special about learning it from Cambridge Academy?
A9. Our teaching methodology is very different from the conventional method. We teach English not as a subject but as a language. Our objective is to make the student learn & speak confidently.

Q10. What benefits can one gain after doing a particular job?
A10. Each level has it own benefits. After the completion of course, a student can frame an effective sentence, understand the words, gain confidence in speaking.

Q11. What are the job prospects after doing a course?
A11. We have lots of practice exercises & drills like Group Discussion, Role Plays & Extempore which helps the student to remove the hesitation & gain confidence.

Q12.What is the Level of English required for clearing IELTS/TOEFL exams?
A12. A person has to clear IELTS/TOEFL exams with a band of 5.5-7.5. We will be guiding you for these courses.

Q13.How qualified are the Instructors?
A13. The Instructors are experienced, well qualified, well versed in the language they teach. They have already gone in an intensive training in the Cambridge Academy.

Q14.Do you provide any trial class?
A14. Yes,we provide one trial class.

Q15. What is the benefit of learning a foreign language from Cambridge Academy?
A15. Learning a Language help you to get a good job as translators, Interpreters, in Embassies, Airlines & Call Centres.

For further clarifications, please feel free to walk into our Centre & speak to our Counselors.


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