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  • Exceptional DSSSB Coaching In Delhi By The Veterans of The Field

    Government jobs have always fascinated Indian youth and their families more than any other professional avenues. There is involved a sort of glamour and a type of comfort and cent percent satisfaction too. Besides there are also packed loads of perks and other facilities that are sprouted during the course of such government or public sector jobs itself. Hence, on the part of Delhi government, in order to run various departments and ministries, such as that of home affairs, transport, Water departments, trade and commerce, road maintenance and so forth, ideal and qualified candidates are needed to fill in such jobs.   Hence, in case of New Delhi, DSSSB (Delhi State Subordinate Selection Board) holds the distinction of being the most versatile and accredited agency which conducts exams and selects the talented and skilled candidates for a wide range of departments, such as NDMC Delhi Government, MCD and for certain other departments and fields which the Delhi government has to look after.

    Further, there are also conducted distinct exams for other elite positions, such as Assistant Collector, Assistant law officer, Manager or super visor, Assistant Assessor and so forth. For such elite positions, subject tests are conducted and language comprehension is also ascertained in order to test the scholastic efficiency and mindset of the applying candidates. Then, it should also be remembered that negative marking practice is also in place, where 0.25 points (i.e. marks) are deducted for every incorrect answer. Further, DSSSB board also amends the minimum marks or percentage required for each post and ranks and this decision is in accordance with the number of seats available in the particular department. Then, for posts which require tier II exams, the result of tier I exam would be sufficient while for the posts that would call for tier III also, the outcome of performance in tier I exam would be just, for the purpose of selection, including the interviews.


    Subjects To be Covered in DSSSB Exam:

    The DSSSB exam, as such, covers the following areas while analyzing the candidates ‘ ability and talent and to judge if they would make efficient officers.

    a)      General Knowledge,

    b)      Numerical Ability,

    c)       Reasoning Ability,

    d)      Hindi Language skills,

    e)      English Language comprehension,

    f)       Educational Psychology.


    Cambridge Institute of Professional Studies: Exceptional Training Center For DSSSB in Delhi:

    While seeking excellent coaching for such DSSSB exams in New Delhi, for our future administrators, Cambridge Institute of Professional Studies have maintained a great status quo. We have trained and enabled nearly 5000 students so far in such tests and many among them are today, the proud government executives at various posts. At Rohini, we have a hub of exceptional training for DSSSB and we have appeared to be pretty favorite in such a pursuit. We have associated experienced teachers and ex university lecturers who have immense talent in teaching and in clarifying intricate topics and subject concepts. Besides, there is secured a large database of books and study material and then the institute has invested heavily in IT systems as well. Students can take tutorials and can practice on their on our powerful systems and can get trained in a skilled manner. We receive students ‘ queries and admission requests from other Indian cities as well.

    Versatile coaching for DSSSSB exams can be availed only at some renowned coaching centers which have proved their worth in such training field. DSSSB exams are significant tests and they seal glorious careers once such exams are cleared by top ranks. Cambridge Institute of Professional Studies have proved their mettle in such a field of providing Dsssb PGT Tgt Coaching in Delhi hence, this institute has shaped lives of hundreds of candidates since its inception in 2008. We have come of age and we are a consummated training body for such exams. We invite career minded candidates to get trained at our institute and to seal reserve their sets in top notch government jobs and to administer the functioning of the Indian government tomorrow.

  • How to train yourself for the oncoming TGT Computer Science entrance Exam?

    Is computer science and sharing of knowledge your forte? Then, being a TGT is surely the job for you. But if you are a bit bothered about your chances at Entrance Exams then DSSSB TGT Computer Science Coaching in Delhitgt coaching in delhi program will prove to be a wise option for you.

    Examination will be conducted as One Tier, Two Tier along with a Personal Interview/Skill test. To be eligible for the entrance exam of TGT for Computer Science which is conducted by the Directorate of Subordinate and Secondary Services Board, one should meet this criterion:

    1. BCA/B.E/B tech (in computer application as chief subject) from a recognized university


    Graduation in any discipline and A level course from DOAECC

    In the one tier paper, the exam will consist of questions from these sections

    1. English
    2. Hindi
    3. Logical reasoning
    4. General Awareness
    5. Mathematics

    The Tier one exam is common for all and each section weighs 20 marks, making the total weight of the paper 100 marks. Once the Tier One exam is cleared, the candidates have to sit for the Tier two exam which consists of questions for quantitative aptitude about Computer Science and weights 100 marks. After this exam is cleared, a personal interview is conducted which serves as the last basis for selection procedure.

    It may sound simple but it’s really not! Think of it practically! DSSSB computer Science TGT applications are filled by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Being one of these hundreds of thousands aspirants, what’s your chance that you will be shortlisted. Let’s not get down to calculating but rather focus on how these chances can be built up.

    To prepare for the exam, do smart work in addition to hard work as it will save you efforts as well as time. There are professional programs for DSSSB TGT computer science coaching in Delhi available using which one can easily improves his/her weak points and work on to get success in the exam. These coaching courses are provided by experienced professionals who themselves have expertise in the field and make candidates prepare with their distinct approach of learning. They don’t focus at rote learning but rather design rigorous and active preparation protocols for students so that candidates don’t find the course boring and dragging. Through different mock tests practice and previous papers solutions, candidates build their skills and understand how the exam is going to be. In fact, with professional and appropriate guidance, students get to manage the time limit by sorting questions in minimum time possible which saves them stress during the exam. As the course also concentrates at making students prepare for several sections at the same time, it braces their skills not only for the exam but for the rest of their life.

    Preparing on one’s own can be mind boggling since there are 2 papers and one interview included. So, courses also seek to train candidates for the interview, build confidence in them so they can easily crack the whole procedure successfully.

  • Top 5 ways to easily pass the DSSSB recruitment Exam

    Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board (DSSSB) has its own uniform and fair method of picking meritorious candidates out of thousands of applications. And with good DSSSB coaching in DelhiDSSSB PGT TGT COACHING IN DELHI, you can also heighten your chances of being selected.

    Secondary or subordinate positions in Delhi Administration departments as well as Directorates are given to suitable candidate through the DSSSB recruitment operation. DSSSB recruitments are carried out using fair methods and commendable candidates are picked out for the apt position. If you have prepared well, there’s a good chance of getting selected. Good preparation and knowledge of what’s going to be in the exam makes all the difference.

    If you are planning to take the Exam soon, then here are the top 5 tricks that will help you crack the exam:

    1. Get competitive DSSSB Coaching in Delhi

    If you are keen on getting professional and acquire a good position within the Delhi Administration then this should be your first step. A bad trainer can be a complete waste of you time, money and efforts while a good trainer will help you understand every minute detail that may affect your score. So, enroll with a reputed coaching institute with high previous scores only.

    1. Know your way around DSSSB Exam

    You have the right coaching but you don’t know what’s going to be in the exam. This won’t help so do your homework and get your hands on every piece of information that’s available on the competitive exam. Find out what’s in the syllabus and keep practicing the basics.

    1. Figure out different parts of the exam and strengthen your knowledge

    It’s important that you know the anatomy of the question paper for DSSSB beforehand. So, here it is for you…The paper comprises diverse sections that include questions from these subjects and topics:

    1. English: Practice your vocabulary, grammar skills. Make sure you understand basic rules of sentence composition, tenses, modals and other such topics.
    2. General Awareness: Keep up with the daily news through newspapers, news channels or online news. Current events, important historical facts, dates, geological facts along with corporate, flora and fauna knowledge etc would help cover this topic.
    3. Reasoning Ability: Strengthen your logical, rational approach towards problems.
    4. Mathematics: Now, this may scare you off…but it’s pretty easy. Work on your basics of algebra and equations and other important topics and that’d would sufficient.
    5. Hindi : Hindi is also mandatory for this exam.
    6. Comb out Previous DSSSB exam papers

    This would be a big help if you learn the pattern of previous few years of exam paper. Although, don’t rely on it 100% since the topics differ every year but it will help you get an overview of how the exam is going to be.

    1. Take Mock Exams and tips with your DSSSB Coaching in Delhi

    Ensure that your trainers themselves are certified and posses updated knowledge. Get Tips from them on easy preparation and continue your own rigorous practice of basic topics and complicated topics to improve your chance of selection in DSSSB.