How to train yourself for the oncoming TGT Computer Science entrance Exam?

Is computer science and sharing of knowledge your forte? Then, being a TGT is surely the job for you. But if you are a bit bothered about your chances at Entrance Exams then DSSSB TGT Computer Science Coaching in Delhitgt coaching in delhi program will prove to be a wise option for you.

Examination will be conducted as One Tier, Two Tier along with a Personal Interview/Skill test. To be eligible for the entrance exam of TGT for Computer Science which is conducted by the Directorate of Subordinate and Secondary Services Board, one should meet this criterion:

  1. BCA/B.E/B tech (in computer application as chief subject) from a recognized university


Graduation in any discipline and A level course from DOAECC

In the one tier paper, the exam will consist of questions from these sections

  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Logical reasoning
  4. General Awareness
  5. Mathematics

The Tier one exam is common for all and each section weighs 20 marks, making the total weight of the paper 100 marks. Once the Tier One exam is cleared, the candidates have to sit for the Tier two exam which consists of questions for quantitative aptitude about Computer Science and weights 100 marks. After this exam is cleared, a personal interview is conducted which serves as the last basis for selection procedure.

It may sound simple but it’s really not! Think of it practically! DSSSB computer Science TGT applications are filled by hundreds of thousands of people every year. Being one of these hundreds of thousands aspirants, what’s your chance that you will be shortlisted. Let’s not get down to calculating but rather focus on how these chances can be built up.

To prepare for the exam, do smart work in addition to hard work as it will save you efforts as well as time. There are professional programs for DSSSB TGT computer science coaching in Delhi available using which one can easily improves his/her weak points and work on to get success in the exam. These coaching courses are provided by experienced professionals who themselves have expertise in the field and make candidates prepare with their distinct approach of learning. They don’t focus at rote learning but rather design rigorous and active preparation protocols for students so that candidates don’t find the course boring and dragging. Through different mock tests practice and previous papers solutions, candidates build their skills and understand how the exam is going to be. In fact, with professional and appropriate guidance, students get to manage the time limit by sorting questions in minimum time possible which saves them stress during the exam. As the course also concentrates at making students prepare for several sections at the same time, it braces their skills not only for the exam but for the rest of their life.

Preparing on one’s own can be mind boggling since there are 2 papers and one interview included. So, courses also seek to train candidates for the interview, build confidence in them so they can easily crack the whole procedure successfully.