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    According to the Trade Unions Act, 1926, “A trade union must work to protect and promote the interest of the workers and the conditions of their employment.” To be specific, the trade unions generally pursue the following objectives:

    1. Employee Compensation: The subject which drew the major attention of the trade unions is the wages and salaries of the workers. This item relates to the policy matter of the enterprise. However, differences may arise in the process of their implementation. In the case of unorganized sector, trade unions play a crucial role in bargaining the pay scales.
    2. Working Conditions: Trade unions aim to improve working conditions by securing shorter working hours, better levee facilities, adequate social security, better housing and education and other welfare benefits.
    3. Rationalization of Personnel Policies: The economic security of an employee is determined not only by the level of wages and duration of his employment but also by the managements policies in respect of recruitment. Selection, promotions, transfers, training etc. If such decisions are governed by statutory rules and regional policies, there is greater assurance of fair treatment and equal justice otherwise there is no security for workers.
    4. Harmonious Relations: A trade union should also strive for harmonious relations between the employees and employer. Trade union, being the representative of all the workers, may carry out continuous negotiations with the management with a view to promote industrial peace.
    5. Recognition and Participation: Another objective that unions seek to achieve is winning recognition for workers that they are equal partners with management in the task of production. The unions try to secure for workers a say in the management and industrial democracy thereby bringing about a new social order.
    6. Gaining Legislative Enactments: To provide legal sanctions to its demands, the unions attempt to get these framed in the form of Acts so that they become permanent features of the contract between the employers and the workers. For this purpose, the unions may take recourse to political action in terms of supporting some political party or forming their own political party.
    7. Miscellaneous Services: Modern trade unions also engage in providing educational, medical and other facilities for the development and welfare of their members, if they have sufficient funds at the disposal.


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  • Featured ImagePlanning to take IELTS? Get the best preparation advice from here!

    Whether you wish to migrate or seek academic prospects in other countries, IELTS coaching in Rohini would help step close to your destination. The standard test for English score might seem like another hassle but it is surely important and if you are reading this, you already know that! Don’t you?

    Those interested in optimizing their career potential should indeed take this exam and add another start to their resume. But the question is how to improve the score? Here’s simple solution: Get good and quality IELTS coaching in Delhi that focuses on imparting practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge among students.

    While practicing for IELTS, it’s important that the aspirants understands different pattern of the exam which would contain diverse questions and sections based on these 4 parts:

    1.  Speaking

    2.  Listening

    3.  Writing

    4.  Reading

    Total time given to the aspirant to complete the test is 165 minutes out of which 30 are devoted to Listening, 60 to Reading and Writing each and 11-14 to speaking. Speaking test is conducted separately from other tests (Reading, listening, writing) which are usually taken the same day.

    Even in this exam, there are two distinct versions/categories that help the candidates in taking the one that’s suitable to their need. These categories are Academic IELTS and General Training IELTS.

    • Academic IELTS can be taken by anyone who wants to study higher studies in an English speaking country
    • General training IELTS can be used for migration and other non academic Purposes

    What to look for in a good IELTS coaching in Delhi?

    A good coaching/institute has an integral role to play in the development of a candidate’s English language skills. As it is the first step to get closer to getting the right valid IELTS score, one should remember to look for a trainer with experience. Also choose a trainer that provides

    • One to One interactions
    • Drill Exercises
    • Mock Tests
    • Daily emphasis on vocabulary and grammar building exercises
    • Pronunciation and spoken English practice

    Ideal score to clear the test is 5.5-7.5 so before you get an instructor to guide you, run a background check on the qualifications of your trainers you are interested in choosing. Look for an institution that offers group discussion and detailed analysis of you own skills so that you can effectively work on your weak areas.

    Play your preparation part well

    Getting a good trainer to guide has its own perks but it doesn’t eradicate the need to prepare on your own. Stay updated with the syllabus and try out some creative ways to learn like read literature from different decades to understand their themes and writing style as there are various literary movements. Even watching movies in English with subtitles and listening to music will help you learn the correct pronunciation. And, it won’t also bore you either.

    Linguistic studies may turn a bit monotonous but if you focus and maintain your routinely practice, you will surely succeed in your IELTS test.

  • Top 5 ways to easily pass the DSSSB recruitment Exam

    Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board (DSSSB) has its own uniform and fair method of picking meritorious candidates out of thousands of applications. And with good DSSSB coaching in DelhiDSSSB PGT TGT COACHING IN DELHI, you can also heighten your chances of being selected.

    Secondary or subordinate positions in Delhi Administration departments as well as Directorates are given to suitable candidate through the DSSSB recruitment operation. DSSSB recruitments are carried out using fair methods and commendable candidates are picked out for the apt position. If you have prepared well, there’s a good chance of getting selected. Good preparation and knowledge of what’s going to be in the exam makes all the difference.

    If you are planning to take the Exam soon, then here are the top 5 tricks that will help you crack the exam:

    1. Get competitive DSSSB Coaching in Delhi

    If you are keen on getting professional and acquire a good position within the Delhi Administration then this should be your first step. A bad trainer can be a complete waste of you time, money and efforts while a good trainer will help you understand every minute detail that may affect your score. So, enroll with a reputed coaching institute with high previous scores only.

    1. Know your way around DSSSB Exam

    You have the right coaching but you don’t know what’s going to be in the exam. This won’t help so do your homework and get your hands on every piece of information that’s available on the competitive exam. Find out what’s in the syllabus and keep practicing the basics.

    1. Figure out different parts of the exam and strengthen your knowledge

    It’s important that you know the anatomy of the question paper for DSSSB beforehand. So, here it is for you…The paper comprises diverse sections that include questions from these subjects and topics:

    1. English: Practice your vocabulary, grammar skills. Make sure you understand basic rules of sentence composition, tenses, modals and other such topics.
    2. General Awareness: Keep up with the daily news through newspapers, news channels or online news. Current events, important historical facts, dates, geological facts along with corporate, flora and fauna knowledge etc would help cover this topic.
    3. Reasoning Ability: Strengthen your logical, rational approach towards problems.
    4. Mathematics: Now, this may scare you off…but it’s pretty easy. Work on your basics of algebra and equations and other important topics and that’d would sufficient.
    5. Hindi : Hindi is also mandatory for this exam.
    6. Comb out Previous DSSSB exam papers

    This would be a big help if you learn the pattern of previous few years of exam paper. Although, don’t rely on it 100% since the topics differ every year but it will help you get an overview of how the exam is going to be.

    1. Take Mock Exams and tips with your DSSSB Coaching in Delhi

    Ensure that your trainers themselves are certified and posses updated knowledge. Get Tips from them on easy preparation and continue your own rigorous practice of basic topics and complicated topics to improve your chance of selection in DSSSB.

  • Why to Learn Chinese languages and how to get better at it?

    Chinese language course in Delhi is fast becoming the norm for those learning foreign languages. Chinese languages are not just one of the hardest but also widely spoken. Recently, a high number of students have chosen study of Chinese languages to hone their linguistic skills in the Capital.

    More on Chinese Languages

    Over 1 billion people speak one of the Chinese languages as their first lingo. This number of people is actually the 1/5th of the world’s total population!

    In fact, many people seem to believe that Chinese is one language but instead it is a collection of related languages. Mandarin is the most spoken language with a speaker base of about 960 million people. Among others, Cantonese is also highly influential, spoken widely and is counted among one of Hongkong’s official language.

    Why learn Chinese language?

    There are several reasons why people are turning to this tonal, analytic variety of lingo. Some people learn Chinese languages in order to get deeper understanding of the culture; history etc. while others do so in order to optimize their business relationships, prospects.

    Several students who are children of (or related to) native Chinese speakers who choose Chinese languages study also do so in order to understand their roots. Nonetheless, improving business prospects remains to be the biggest reason behind this.

    How to learn Chinese Language traditionally?

    When it comes to language studies, it’s best to follow the traditional as well as alternate learning methods. One should, first of all, evaluate the programs offered by Chinese language Institutes in Delhi.

    If the program is suitable to your needs, you can enroll for it.

    How useful are Chinese language institutes in Delhi?

    The capital has a concentrated of reputed training centers and institutes that provide competitive information based comprehensive language programs for those who want to learn Chinese.

    These are indeed useful to learning and mastering the art of speaking, reading and understanding Chinese languages as it is one of the hardest. With the right guidance, study approach, one can expect to reach the advanced stage within minimum time.

    The Alternate approach to learning Chinese languages

    It is surely hard but with commitment and hardwork, it can easily be learnt and mastered. When learning language, one should understand that there’s much more to it than mere grammar and composition rules.  One can explore the different streams of culture and art by watching theatre, movies in Chinese languages. Listening to music and paying attention literature would also help. Personal interactive sessions also help in practicing of right pronunciation. One can simply listen to native pronunciation and practice it by repeating it themselves. Through these simple alternate ways; one can feasibly hone their Chinese speaking, understanding and reading skills.

    Whether you are learning with traditional institutes or doing it alternatively or taking the both ways, it is necessary that after a course, you are able to apply your learning in real life situations. So, train yourself with the goal of accomplishing practical applications of speaking, understanding and reading Chinese.

  • Why choosing a quality CTET coaching Institute is necessary for aspirants?

    ctet coaching in delhi


    When it’s the matter of competition and one’s career, it’s always advised that one doesn’t settle down for anything lesser than the best. To get the best score in CTET, one should always go for the reputed CTET Coaching Institutes in Delhi.


    Clearing the CTET exam is a must for anyone who dreams of a career in the teaching field. Those looking for teaching jobs in the Government Education Sector are required to clear this exam as part of the minimum Eligibility Criterion. And, it is not as difficult as it is made out to look if done right. With right training, right guidance; one can easily crack this national entrance exam.


    There are several myths surrounding the exam and most people think that only having the ability to work with kids and knowledge of the profession is enough. Nonetheless it isn’t. The starting point is clearing the national entrance exam CTET. For this, one can easily seek coaching from quality CTET coaching Institutes in Delhi that make training for the exam easy. In fact, getting enrolled in a good coaching centre proves to be plus point since it gives the required assistance in learning what’s necessary for the exam. Besides, experienced trainers and instructors at the institutes help students in preparing and keeping up with the latest trends in the exams syllabus and methodology for marks allotment.


    However, the importance of getting assistance in exam preparation of CTET is well known but many students still choose to take the alternate route without seeking any help. Let’s not get all so pessimistic about it but there’s not much of a chance in choosing this way for getting the highest scores? The simple question is how would you prepare if you had no idea about how the exam’s going to be? Obviously, one can choose to do the research on their own and compile all changing trends in CTET exam question paper, get everything possible on the syllabus but it would surely be hectic. Nevertheless, this trouble can be avoided by simple and effective organization through enrollment in a reputed and good coaching institute.


    To figure out which of the ctet coaching institutes in Delhi would be best suitable for you, it’s best to seek a good recommendation from a trusted resource and run a background check to evaluate the score of students who’ve previously passed out of the particular coaching. In fact, getting a trial class can also be helpful as it will help the student understand the particular way of teaching and whether or not it would be suitable for him/her.


    The teaching methods of the trainer allotted to you also matters since the trainer would you direct point of communication. So, in case of any doubt, the best you can do is get a good coaching institute. Another point one should keep in mind that while your institute is providing the best of training, you should also keep up with the rigorous preparation, follow up on current events and never fail to acquire new knowledge.